Experience center

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In the experience center you can see how the bay has changed over time, what fish live in brackish water fjord before 1825, and what happened when the North Sea broke into the fjord by Agger. This exhibitionfocuses on maritime and fisheries, but also deals with ferry, beach hunting, storm surges and boatbuilding.

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Exhibition 2013

havnen saerudstilling

The port is not where the city ends - but where the world begins. Limfjordsmuseets's special exhibition in 2013 tells in words, pictures and museum exhibits the history of Løgstør Harbour. The story of Løgstør Harbour is the story of the ferry service, fisheries, recreation and work - all located at place that over time have been exposed to nature's fury.

The exhibition can be seen at Canal Officer's residence, but as something new can also be experienced digitally. Limfjordsmuseet invite everyone to contribute to the exhibition by uploading their picture of the Habour of Løgstør.

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Løgstør Købstads Vægterlaug

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Sommeren igennem kan du komme på en spændende tur rundt i Løgstørs gamle gader med Løgstør Købstads Vægterlaug . Læs mere her

Sommeraktiviteter på Limfjordsmuseet

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På Limfjordsmuseet sker der noget hver dag hele sommere. Få selv våde fingre og kom helt ned under Limfjordens overflade. Læs mere her.


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På Limfjordsmuseet tilbyder vi spændende og faglig formidling til børn og unge i daginstitutioner, skoler og på ungdomsuddannelser. Læs mere her

The Pilot Boat Ready for Launching

After an extensive restoration in four years, Løgstør's old pilot boat from 1929 is once again ready to sail the Limfjord.

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