Både og Bådbyggeri

The historical boatbuilder's yard

Bådebyggeriet på Limfjordsmuseet

One of the Limfjord Museum's most vibrant and exciting departments is the museum's historical boatbuilder's yard. Here our team of skilled workmen restores and maintain the museum's collection of boats that has all sailed on Limfjorden.

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Jagten Kirstine, Limfjordsmuseet

A230 KIRSTINE er Limfjordsmuseets nye restaureringsprojekt. Det er en stor, men spændende opgave at restaurere skibet tilbage til sit oprindelige udtryk. Her kan du følge restaureringen.

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Rental Boats

Limfjordsmuseet's best museum piece is from 1861. It is 3 feet deep and 4.4 kilometers long and is constructed of 400 men, over a period of almost 5 years. The "object" is of course the unique Frederik VII's Canal. Limfjordsmuseet now offers a unique experience, where you can explore the canal on your own with the museum's boats.

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The Pilot Boat


The pilot boat was in April 2009 transferred to Limfjordsmuseet of Torben Mikkelsen Grønning from Thisted, who has owned the boat since 1976, when it was taken out of active service.

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The Aalborg Dinghy Aletha

The Aalborg dinghy Aletha was designed by Aage Utzon (architect Jørn Utzon's dad) in Aalborg in 1929. The Aalborg dinghy is a representative of Denmark's earliest sports riding.

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The Motor Dinghy Inga


The motor dinghy Inga was built in 1950 in Skive for a farm owner in Grættrup on Salling. The boat still has its original engine - a 1 cylinder Ideal from Fjellebroen. Motorboats of this type and size was up to approx. 1980 characteristic of sideline fisheries in the central part of the fjord.

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The Pencil Case Nora

Pennalhus båd

"Pencil case" is the name of the type of motor boat, which was quite characteristic of fisheries on the Limfjord from 1930 to 1960.

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The Lynæs dinghy Afrodite


The Lynæs dinghy Afrodite is a clinker-built fishing boat with pond and oars. But where sjægt is long and slim is Lynæs dinghy rounder and spacious. And where sjægt sailing in the water, sailing Lynæs dinghy on the water.

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The Smack Nørgaard P

The smack Nørgaard P. is the oldest of the museum's sailing vessels. It is 18 feet and built in 1920 by A. P. Andersen Nøreng on Salling. A smack is a typical boat used on the  Limfjord, that had its heyday in the period ca. From 1850 to 1920.

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praktiske oplysninger skoletjeneste

På Limfjordsmuseet tilbyder vi spændende og faglig formidling til børn og unge i daginstitutioner, skoler og på ungdomsuddannelser. Læs mere her

The Pilot Boat Ready for Launching

After an extensive restoration in four years, Løgstør's old pilot boat from 1929 is once again ready to sail the Limfjord.

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