About the museum

Limfjordsmuseet is a museum about maritime cultural history, especially about the inlet Limfjorden.

Fishing and shipping are central subjects, but the museum also focus on subjects like ferry and boat building.

In addition, all of the recreational use of Limfjorden, such as boating and beach hunting.

As a nationally recognized museum Limfjordsmuseet do not only have the task of exhibiting old things.

The museum is legally obliged to:

  • researching the maritime culture
  • collect objects, photographs, archival documents, etc.
  • make the information collected available through exhibitions, lectures, publications, etc..
  • ensure that the collected is conserved and preserved for posterity

The museum's exhibitions, archives and administrative offices are located in the old Canal Bailiff House by Frederik VII's Canal.

But the museum also includes a "Historical boatyard" with open workshop, exhibition of historic vessels in the canal and the old swing bridge built in 1861 over the canal.

In addition another dimension by visiting the museum: The natural beauty of Frederik VII's Canal and the ever changing light from widening.

A visit to Limfjordsmuseet gives a good background to experience the rest of the Limfjord either at sea or on land.


The Pilot Boat Ready for Launching

After an extensive restoration in four years, Løgstør's old pilot boat from 1929 is once again ready to sail the Limfjord.

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